Recapping Weekend with Zapotec Rapper Mare Advertencia Lirika!

finalworkshop DesdeElFondo.EnglishAt the end of May, Girls Rock Philly was stoked to work closely with GRP volunteer and local musician Ximena Violante to bring a special weekend series -- Desde el Fondo de la Tierra. This was a series celebrating local and global bands and sounds that centered indigenous sounds of Latin America across hip hop, rock, folklore, funk and electronic music. In just one weekend alone, we had workshops, two parties and concerts across different neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Altogether we invited artists Mare Advertencia Lirika (Oaxaca, Mexico), Radio Jarocho (NYC), Zenen Zerfino (Veracruz Mexico)--one of the master teachers of the Son Jarocho tradition, Interminable (PHL), and Precolumbian (PHL).

Girls Rock Philly was very excited to work closely with touring artist Mare Advertencia Lirika, feminist and indgenous rapper based in Oaxaca, MX (read more about her!). In addition to her headlining performance,  she performed a hip hop and poetry workshop at Girls Rock Philly headquarters. The workshop was held in Spanish with English translation. This workshop was supported by Bread & Roses Community Fund and Galaei. The overall weekend was pulled together through the collaborative support from Son Revoltura, Leeway Foundation, Casa Monarca, and Juntos. Many thanks to those who came out! finalgroup