Frequently Asked Questions


What programs are your running right now?

  • Youth Teens: Every July, GRP runs a summer rock camp for youth ages 9-12 and for teens ages 13-19. Each camp is one week long. You can read more about summer rock camp here!

  • Adults: Every May and December, GRP runs a weekend-long rock camp for adults ages 19 and up! You can read more about Adult Rock Camp here! No music experience is necessary.

  • Our year-round afterschool offerings change from season to season. Please check our website regularly for updated offerings.

  • Feel free to peruse our Programs, Community, Volunteer and Events Calendar tabs to get a tour of all the ways you can be a part of the Girls Rock Philly community

What happens at Rock Camp?

Girls Rock Philly’s Summer Camp is a week-long program featuring instrument instruction, workshops, visiting artists, band practice, a showcase and a day in the recording studio. Campers have instrument instruction every day in groups of 3-5 organized by skill level and age.

  • Monday to Friday: Campers form bands. In their bands, they will write at least 1 original song collaboratively. Bands will be assisted by coaches and adult mentors. Campers also attend workshops on topics ranging from songwriting to improvisation to self-defense.

  • Saturday and Sunday: Bands perform their original songs at a showcase and then spend the next day at the recording studio.

  • Adult Rock Camp follows a similar model, but the transformative power and magic of Rock Camp is condensed into just one weekend!

How does sliding scale work?

A sliding scale is a tool to ensure folks have access to our programming, regardless of financial resource. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income as their program fees. This way, the cost of music instruction is not pocket change for some folks and a big commitment for other folks. While GRP is a small organization, we make sliding scale a priority because we acknowledge that we live in a world of differing privileges and income disparities.

Can my band rehearse at your place?

Girls Rock Philly is thrilled to offer a new rehearsal space at a new remote location called Jerry’s. It’s primary use is for GRP youth programming (GRP youth will often take priority in scheduling), but we are excited to offer this low-cost practice space option to youth and adults alike. For more information on how to book rehearsal time at Jerry's, please click Here

Can I visit your office?

Yes! We love having visitors!

However, our office hours change from week to week. The best way to catch us at the office would be to email us and to coordinate a time to visit.

Do you offer internships?

Yes! We offer Summer and Adult Rock Camp internships for teens throughout the year. We publish our internship applications 1-2 months before camp. Keep in touch with us through our newsletter and social media in order to be informed when internship applications come out!

I have a performance opportunity for Girls Rock Philly, who should I get in touch with about it?

Thank you so much for inviting Girls Rock Philly to perform! We do not always have bands that are "on call" and "ready to go" to perform, and therefore, when performance opportunities arise, we extend the invitation to our Youth Action Council and community members. While there are occasions when we are able to actively organize a group of young people or adults to perform, we sometimes act as more of a "switchboard operator" and connect performers to potential gigs.

If you fill out this form, we will put a call out to our community members and connect you to performers! For specific questions, feel free to reach out to

Can my 8-year-old participate?

Alas, we require that our participants hit their 9th birthday by the time Rock Camp begins in order to be campers. However, if you are volunteering at camp and would like to bring your 8 year-old, we would be more than happy to arrange childcare for you!

Do you offer private lessons?

We do not offer private lessons, but we do have a roster of incredible Girls Rock Philly instructors throughout the city who we would love to connect you to!

Please email if you would like us to recommend an instructor to you!

Do you accept instrument donations?

Yes! We do! Click here to read more about what sorts of donations we accept.

Are you hiring?

At the moment, we are not hiring, but there are plenty of ways to get involved with our work! Check out our Volunteer and Community tabs for a full tour of our current offerings and opportunities.

Are there any ways to apply for programming or volunteering offline?

Yes! We strive to make our application processes as accessible as possible. Feel free to call and leave your email address and phone number at (215) 776-5246. One of our office staff will contact you and walk through an application with you over the phone or in person

I'm interested in volunteering for GRP. How can I get in touch about it?

Yes!! We're so excited to have you! Our biggest volunteer opportunities are in July for Summer Rock Camp and May/December for Adult Rock Camp. If you fill out our Volunteer Interest Form, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you!