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  Photo by:    Kannica Phim

Photo by: Kannica Phim

Applications for ARC
(Adult Rock Camp)
are now open!

Dates: Fri, Nov 30th- Sun, Dec 2nd
Location: Mastery Charter- Thomas Campus
in South Philly

ARC (Adult Rock Camp) is a weekend rock camp for women, trans and gender variant/genderqueer adults, ages 19+. In one weekend, participants learn a new instrument, form a band, participate in community-led workshops and perform for their communities — All supported by rad local musicians, organizers and volunteers!

Our camp name has changed!

We’re thrilled to announce a name change to one of our programs:  Starting in Fall 2018, LRC (formerly Ladies Rock Camp) will be known as Adult Rock Camp, or ARC for short.  The decision to change the name is informed by ongoing conversations with GRP youth members and community caucus groups.

We aspire for our programs and events to be spaces where our attention and intention meet, and that requires us to assess the language we use to describe and identify our participants. 

Our community is a veritable galaxy of gender expressions, identities, bodies, wisdoms and experiences, and we are continuously adapting to reflect and support each and every wonderhuman within GRP. Honoring our history of serving women, trans and non-binary folks, we know that a linguistic change so affirming for many of our participants is no small thing.


Beyond Summer Rock Camp and ARC, our Year-Round Programming offers opportunities to youth, teen and adult participants to deepen their engagement with music and their wider world.

Running the gambit from Songwriting to Social Justice, GRP provides opportunities that encourage Artistic Experimentation, Thoughtful Analysis, Fearless Expression and Imaginative Action.

Learn more about Year-Round Programming here!


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