10th Summer of Rock Camp at Girls Rock!

After two weeks of many pizzas, dance parties, critical conversations, and band practices, we rocked our 10th summer of summer rock camp! We brought together over 25 bands and DJ crews! With a span of over 125 campers throughout both teen and youth summer, we organized with over 75 volunteers performing as counselors, instrument instructors, band coaches, workshop facilitators, kitchen crew, and beyond! Together, we worked under this year's theme: #phillyRISING - as a lens to think and talk about critical histories and futures of Philly!

Workshops included... Countermapping Philadelphia, Writing on the Wall: Street Art and Self-Expression, Remixing Comics, How Music Creates Social Change, Collaborative Songwriting, Healthy Relationships, Gig Posters, Make Music Together, and Hold this Space: An Exercise in Not Shrinking on Stage, African Dance & Diaspora, Roots Rock & Reggae, Bim Bam BOOM, Gender Haha!, & Tune into Yourself

Performances from Local Musicians included... Kilamanzego, Interminable, Hey Cindy, Little Strike, Camp Candle, Callowhill, Son Revolutura, and GRP participants, Naiad and Sara Chodak!

Special Thanks to our Community Supporters including Royal Tavern, Mariposa Food Coop, Guitar Center, Lucky Star Movers, Knead Bagels, Rustica Pizza, Johnny Brendas, Flying Monkey Bakery, Bredenbecks Bakery, Kyber Cafe, Cantina Los Caballitos, Triangle Tavern.

Check out the official photos of all the bands formed during rock camp on the website's photo gallery! As well as the rock camp's official photos throughout teen rock camp and youth rock camp on our Facebook page!

In case you didn't already hear, recordings from all the camper bands are officially online on bandcamp.