LRC is now ARC: A Message from Sam & GRP

To Our Beloved Community,

At Girls Rock Philly, we understand that our greatest strength is our community: the myriad of experiences, personalities, expressions, interests and skills that combine to create our culture, inform our programs and shape our vision for the future.  We recognize that the beautiful, powerful, transformative work that happens within our organization requires us to challenge the systems of oppression that limit us; none of us can move forward unless we all move forward, together.

Entering another decade of programming, we are grateful for every opportunity to evaluate how we serve and support our communities.  As our language, our communities, and our world are always evolving, we are committed to evolving with them.

In that spirit, we’re thrilled to announce a name change to one of our programs:  Starting in Fall 2018, LRC (formerly Ladies Rock Camp) will be known as Adult Rock Camp, or ARC for short.  The decision to change the name is informed by ongoing conversations with GRP youth members and community caucus groups.

We aspire for our programs and events to be spaces where our attention and intention meet, and that requires us to assess the language we use to describe and identify our participants. 

Our community is a veritable galaxy of gender expressions, identities, bodies, wisdoms and experiences, and we are continuously adapting to reflect and support each and every wonderhuman within GRP. Honoring our history of serving women, trans and non-binary folks, we know that a linguistic change so affirming for many of our participants is no small thing.

As always, we are committed to spaces that support gender self-determination, and combat sexism, patriarchy, heteronormativity within and without our organization- we acknowledge the challenges and limitations of language, and welcome ongoing conversations and inquiries which promote growth, equity, compassion and restorative justice in our community.

It is our hope and intention to honor the history of our organization as we move forward in solidarity with the current wave of liberation movements, and with the lived experiences of our community.  We will continue to offer resources which have informed our decision, and invitations to discussion,  and are excited to welcome our newest cohort of adult campers this fall!

Onward, joyfully,

Samantha Rise & Girls Rock Philly


Fall ARC will take place November 30- Dec. 2 at Mastery Charter - Thomas Campus, which is at 927 Johnston Street in South Philadelphia. Camp will run from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. All meals are provided, and childcare is available upon request. Tuition is sliding scale $50 to $450. Full scholarships are available.

GRP is shaped by its participants, and we want to ensure our ARC campers reflect the incredible diversity of Philadelphia.  GRP is committed to making ARC accessible through providing sliding scale tuition, utilizing ADA spaces, and exploring new outreach strategies. We’re excited to learn more about you!

If you're interested in supporting this work or learning more, please email info (at) girls rock philly (dot) org!

To read more about ARC, click here!