Adult Rock Camp! (ARC)

Photograph by Robin Stamey

Photograph by Robin Stamey


What is ARC?

ARC is a weekend rock camp for women, trans and gender Variant/genderqueer adults, ages 19+.  In one weekend, participants learn a new instrument, form a band, participate in community-led workshops, and perform for their communities, all supported by rad local musicians, organizers and volunteers!

When? Fri, May 10th- Sun, May 12th
Where? Mastery Charter - Thomas Campus
927 Johnston St. in South Philly

At camp, you’ll form a band and work together to write an original song that you will play together on stage on Sunday. Culminating the weekend is the ARC Showcase – a totally exciting and amazing experience!  ARC happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in late Fall.

*Choice of instruments includes Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, and Vocals.

Girls Rock Philly seeks to honor and celebrate the diversity of gender expression. We also acknowledge that this is an evolving and shifting conversation. We strive to grow as an organization and are committed to consistent discussion surrounding this topic.

We also believe that someone’s gender intersects and is informed by many different backgrounds and identities. At GRP, we welcome these identities, and affirm them in our space.

Do I need to know how to play music already?
No musical experience necessary.  You don’t even have to bring your own instrument, but feel free to if you’d like!

ARC Application (Online Application Here!)

We regularly receive more applications than we have camper spots, so we are not able to accept everyone who applies. Instead of taking campers on a first-come first-served basis, we use an application process.

Through our application process, we want to learn more about the people applying to camp. What is your relationship to music? Why do you rock? What identities do you bring with you? What are you looking for in this weekend?

Also, this application is one part of a larger organizational commitment to make ARC available and informed by the multitude of different communities across Philly. We believe the power of ARC comes from the way music brings so many different people to the table. We recognize that we live in a context that has historically and racially denied material + educational access to the same communities who, despite struggle, provided us the historical foundation of today’s music. Mindful of these inequities, GRP is committed make ARC accessible through providing sliding scale tuition, utilizing ADA spaces, and exploring new outreach strategies.

Altogether, we want to use this application to ensure a diverse camper cohort and a mix of musical interests and experiences. We’re excited to learn more about you!

**Note** The Spirit of Adult Rock Camp is high energy, and group oriented with lots of shared space, activities, movement, loud noises, etc. We encourage and expect campers to take care of their bodies, heart and minds in their own wisdom, and we’ll designate quiet spaces and unstructured time in our days. That said, we recognize ARC isn’t an ideal environment for everyone.

As you consider applying, know that we’re committed to co-creating a supportive, accessible space, and we want you to ask for what you need- even if we can’t make it happen.

+ Tuition

Tuition for ARC, like all GRP programs, uses a sliding scale. Our sliding scale for ARC is $50-$500.

A sliding scale is a tool to ensure folks have equal access to experiences like ARC, regardless of financial resources. We ask for your active participation in deciding your contribution. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for tuition. This way, the cost of LRC is not pocket change for some folks and a big commitment for other folks. While GRP is a small organization, we make sliding scale a priority because we acknowledge that we live in a world of differing privileges and income disparities.

Let us know if you have any questions!

+ Food

Meals will include: Friday- Dinner Saturday- Light breakfast + lunch. Dinner is a group potluck! We ask all participants to bring something to share! Sunday- Light breakfast + lunch

There will be snacks on hand. Please list any dietary needs/restrictions on your application.

+ Schedule

Camp is a full-weekend experience beginning on Friday afternoon and ends Sunday in the evening after the showcase.

You will receive a detailed schedule of the weekend upon acceptance. However, you can plan on camp beginning around 4pm on Friday and ending after the showcase (around 10:00PM) on Sunday. Please take these hours into consideration when making travel arrangements and adjusting work schedules. This is not a sleep away camp.

+ ARC as a Gift

If you’d like to give the gift of ARC to a special friend/family member/loved one, just make sure to put the camper’s information on the application, as well as your own.

+ Cancellation

If you need to cancel after sending in your application, please notify Girls Rock Philly as soon as possible.

Questions? Email camp (at) girlsrockphilly (dot) org!