2016 Fall LRC Weekend Recap!




Wow! We were so lucky to organize and bare witness to such FIRE that is LRC !

Gathering over 33 campers, 30 volunteers, and 4 teen band managers, this weekend brought together women, transfolks, as well as gender non-conforming adults across the city to sing, learn, and grow. The schedule composed of instrument instructions, community-led workshops, band practice, as well as collective moments over meals, screenprinting band logos, giving gratitude to the godmother of rock n roll Sister Rosetta Tharpe.




Community Led Workshops featured Moor Mother Hip Hop Workshop, NODAPL Solidarity Teach In, Join the LRC Choir, Band Logo!, Taking Up Space: An Exercise in Not Shrinking on Stage, and Philadelphia Then and Now: WEB DuBois and the 7th Ward

LRC produced 7 Incredible New Bands including Touch Sensitive, Fallen Fruit, I’m Not Sorry, Secret Spot, U-Turn, Puppy Politics, and Bang and the Side Cuts

2nd Run of our LRC Teen Band Manager Program featured 4 former teen campers who interned the entire weekend in support of LRC. Responsibilities included band practice facilitation as band coaches, interviewing volunteers, facilitating assemblies and mc-ing the showcase!

Grace (Band Manager Intern): What brings you to LRC as a volunteer? Jackie (Volunteer): Where else like this exists? First of as an adult, you’re told that you’re not allowed to play so this is an amazing opportunity for adults to come together and play. And second, where else are women told to come together, play music together, and not be afraid about it? Those are two things that don’t generally exist in the wider world, so the fact that you can create this bubble those two things exist and you can create beautiful things out of them. And just give a weekend of our time toward that? That’s why I’m here.