2018 Design Partner:  Juliannah Francina

2018 Design Partner: Juliannah Francina

2017 Design Partner:  Nicole Rodrigues

2017 Design Partner: Nicole Rodrigues

Become our 2019 Design Partner!

The Design Partnership is a year long partnership between Girls Rock Philly and a local artist. In exchange for a small stipend of $400, the local artist commits to generating major camp / special event logos for Girls Rock Philly.

What do we use the logos for?
The logos are used for all of our major camps and the Annual Appeal!

What should a Design Partner (DP) expect in this year-long process?
We like to meet our DP once in-person at the beginning of the process to get to know one another. DP has the flexibility to work remotely and communicate via email/text for the remainder of the partnership. We like to share general themes and active concepts of our work with the DP, but we give the DP creative freedom to explore as inspires them.

DP will provide a rough draft for each logo and engage with GRP staff for a process of dialogue/feedback before creating the final draft.

Qualities of a strong applicant:

  • Excited by the freedom to explore and try new ideas

  • Communicative and responsive via text and email

  • Works well with deadlines

  • Has basic digital design skills

    • Design is distributed both digitally and on print

    • Can create two hi-resolution versions of each logo— color and B&W

Application Process:

1) In 100 words or less: Why do you want to work with Girls Rock Philly?

2) We’d love to get to know your work! Please send portfolio samples of your work and/or a logo sample for our upcoming Adult Rock Camp.

Email your application to melanie@girlsrockphilly.org
Applications close on Friday, February 22, 2019 @ 5PM.