Recapping Fall LRC 2015!

LRCRecap1 Formerly Ladies Rock Camp, we hosted our FIRST LRC rock camp the weekend of December 4th through December 6th. Working with nearly 30 adult participants through instruction instructions, workshops, and band practice,  SIX bands and THREE DJs were formed!

Official latest bands included...

Staying Inside Thunder Thighs Rude Folx LADYVAGABOND Virginia Woolf Mother Maritime Blues Revival Band Rotten Apple Bitches DJ Crew ft.DJ La Ma'quina DJ Interrobang DJ Synergy





Lucy Gleysteen

Special workshops from the weekend included..

-"Vocals: Basics and Beyond" with Ryn -"Insert Catchy Title Here" with Lakia -"Collective Improvization: Jazz, Son Jarocho, and Conviviencia" with Ximena -"Gentrification in Philadelphia: Then and Now" with Michaela Pommells of Corajus -"Eating to Live: Food as a Liberatory Tool for Healing and Resistance" w/ Taylor -"Band Art!" with Noelle -Movement Building through Mixtape with DJ Lynnee Denise, thanks to the Leeway Foundation!

Wait why the name change? LRC is a temporary transitional name from Ladies Rock Camp. Read more as to why here!

Stayed tuned for our next LRC, coming up in May 2016!







Check out below for media montage from the weekend!