We are so inspired by the magical spirit of our LRC Campers and Volunteers! 


We certainly experienced the transformative power of community and music last weekend at our adult camp. 22 campers gathered from around the city to learn instruments, form bands, attend community-led workshops and perform on stage. We are grateful to over 30 volunteers who made the weekend possible by teaching, coaching, moving gear, feeding us, taking care of kids and cheerleading with unbounded joy.

Campers and volunteers alike felt empowered by our community-led workshops: 

LRC Soundsystem: a thorough introduction to sound engineering and PA systems! Collaborative Choir: an intimate exploration of vocal blending, listening and collaborative soundscapes Hold This Space: an exploration in taking space for ourselves and making space for others during the process of performance


LRC produced 6 new incredible bands!

  • Eshay & The Killer Bunnies
  • Pretty Gritty
  • Queerz 4 Queerz
  • Arches
  • Womanatee
  • The Graey Jays

4th run of our LRC Teen Intern Program 

featured 2 former teen campers who interned for the entire weekend in support of LRC. Responsibilities included welcoming campers during opening ceremony, facilitating band practice as band coaches, interviewing volunteers, facilitating assemblies and MC-ing the showcase!

For more photos of our LRC showcase, see here!