Help us sort through all of our gear THIS WEEKEND!

Hey folks! Hope y'all are doing well! So, camp is less than month away, can you believe it?

This weekend, we need to inventory and check all of our gear at the space to figure out what we have, what we need, what works and what doesn't. Super important work that has to happen for camp to run smoothly!

We have some amp and instrument experts coming by to help on the spot and a bunch of volunteers coming to help build drum kits, inventory and test everything we have! There will be pizza! Come anytime - you don't need to stay the whole time. We'll probably have a PA set up so we can listen to some records while we work!

Friday July 13 11am to 5pm Saturday July 14 11am to 7pm Sunday July 15 12pm to 5pm

Please let me know if you think you might be able to come!

Also we're still accepting gear loans and donations, so feel free to come by and drop stuff off this weekend! Fill out this form:

Rock on,

diane program director