GRP's Education and Empowerment Committee announces 2014 Camp theme and makes call for workshops!

This year's theme is "From Where We Stand!" and encourage campers to explore their perspectives using music as their telescope. Starting with the self and looking further outward each day, we hope campers will gain a fuller understanding of their personal "views” and experiences and how they are part of the greater world.

Exploring self, family (given & chosen), communities, our city, our country, our world, and even our galaxy, we are soliciting workshops to help our campers:

- gain a greater sense of their own and other's perspectives - use music as a tool to communicate their unique perspectives - harness their power change the world around them!

Are you interested in leading a workshop at camp? Then tell us about it! Please use the following form to:

1) Propose a workshop you would like to lead. We'd like to encourage you to approach this as the expert you are and think about the particular skills you have to share with our campers.

2) Suggest workshops you would like to see at camp but may not want to lead. (Scroll down for the workshop suggestion section.)

Read more in our request for proposals and submit a proposal here!