2014 GRP design partner!

We recently chose our 2nd ever partnering design artist! Volunteer (and recent Ladies Rock Camper!) Alyssa San Valentin will be working with us to create our camp shirts for 2 Ladies Rock Camps and Summer Camp!

"When I decided to pursue art in college, I realized immediately that I didn't want to just become an artist. I wanted to use these skills for something more than shows or sales or even more than me. At the risk of sounding cliche, I wanted to use art for good! I'm so overjoyed and honored to contribute to GRP in this collaborative effort!"

About her design for our Spring Ladies Rock Camp she says, "The flowers are two kinds of bloodroot flowers in various stages of bloom and decay. Bloodroot is native to many parts of Eastern North America, including PA, and its roots were used by indigenous people to make dye and paint."

You can find out more about Alyssa on her tumblr at: http://alsanval.tumblr.com. We're excited to be collaborating with Alyssa all year and can't wait to share the design for our upcoming 8th annual Summer Rock Camp!