Daizha's review of Awesome Fest

By Daizha J. Last Friday, I got the opportunity to perform at Eakins Oval with my band, Terradazzle at one of the many events part of Awesome Fest. They had a lot of things for the youth and community like ping pong tables, sandboxes filled with pink sand and of course FREE TURKEY BACON. When we got there we had learned that all the bands who were to play that day would be battling each other for a prize and the winner was to be chosen by the audience. Usually, this would’ve had made me extremely nervous to play since it would be my first time performing music in that kind of competitive setting but as a band, Terradazzle decided to shake it off and just play for fun. The first youth band of many to perform that evening went on and I felt really excited to finally be able to perform again and show off what our band has been practicing for weeks.


Our first GRP band to go up on stage was Unnecessary, who had just officially formed a couple days before. They played an amazing instrumental with drums, guitar and bass (their guitar melody is so catchy, it still constantly plays in my head).

Then I took the stage, bass in hand, ready to take on a full setlist of original songs. We did pretty good as a band, the crowd was really supportive and cheered us on until our final song. After we finished, I was thankful to be able to relax and watch the other bands perform from the crowd. The House Band from Rock To The Future did so good that after the screams and shouts from the audience, they ended up tying with Girls Rock Philly. It seemed like a fair decision. To end the night, we stuck around and laid out on the grass for an outdoor screening of the classic movie for young musicians, School of Rock. I had such a great time that night. That performance was definitely one of the highlights of my summer.