2015 Fall LRC!



We are excited to announce our 10th adult programming, LRC*!  As always, this is an opportunity provided at a sliding scale cost to experiment on an instrument and form a band. We are bringing new energy to our programming and structure! We look forward to building with our volunteers and campers this coming session!

It is scheduled for Friday December 4th through Sunday December 6th at Mastery Charter School-Thomas Campus (927 Johnston Street in South Philly). It will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon with the final showcase on Sunday night. Sliding scale cost is from $50 to $450, though no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

Camper applications are closed, but volunteer applications can be found here. Deadline for volunteers is November 10th.




This is a camp for women, transgender, and gender non-binary/genderqueer adults, 19 and up. This camp was formerly called Ladies Rock Camp, but since not everyone who attends or volunteers for this camp identifies as a “lady,” we are using the acronym LRC until we develop a more representative name.

Girls Rock Philly seeks to honor and celebrate the diversity of gender expression. We also acknowledge that this is an evolving and shifting conversation. We strive to grow as an organization and are committed to consistent discussion surrounding this topic.

We also believe that someone’s gender intersects and is informed by many different backgrounds and identities. At GRP, we welcome these identities, and affirm them in our space.


We’re excited to share a slightly different application process for our Fall 2015 LRC. We want to learn more about the people applying to camp. What identities do folks bring? What are folks' relationships to music? We hope asking these questions in our application will help us ensure that LRC is available to and informed by the multitude of different communities across Philadelphia.

As LRC has become increasingly popular over the years, we regularly receive more applications than we have camper spots, so we are not able to accept everyone who applies. Instead of taking applications on a first-come first-serve basis, this fall we’re trying something new! Using a more intentional application process, we will strive to create a diverse camper cohort, who bring a mix of musical interests and experiences.

GRP is shaped by its participants, and so we want to ensure our LRC campers reflect the incredible diversity of Philadelphia. We’re excited to learn more about you! Let us know what you think. We’re learning as we go!

Any questions? Holler at lrc@girlsrockphilly.org


From campers to volunteers, it takes a village to make LRC a rich experience for everyone! Spread the word about opportunities to be a camper and a volunteer at this coming session of LRC. We want all hands on deck!

Volunteer applications can be found here.

Get hyped!