Another Big Change At GRP

Hello everyone, I have some big news for you, even after all of the big news of this year. I've been offered & accepted a position as Co-Director at The Vera Project in Seattle.

If you're familiar with the Vera Project, you'll know that I'll be continuing my work in the field of youth mentorship through the arts. If you're not familiar with them, please check out their mission statement. They combine all-ages media production with an inclusive social justice movement and are one of the prime examples of the All-Ages Movement Project (AMP).

The Girls Rock Philly Executive Board is and has been working hard to make sure that we're coming from a position of strength as we have our 6th (6th!) camp season.  Campers and families can continue to contact our Program Director Diane, volunteer can continue to contact our Volunteer Coordinators, and committee members can contact their committee heads. Any other questions can be directed to

I'll be at the GRP Open House on Saturday, May 19th from 2-5pm if you'd like to eat a cupcake & say an official GRP goodbye to me before I spend my days packing up. Let's party one more time, at least.

I'm extremely sad to be leaving Girls Rock Philly, but obviously I can't run it from across the country. I am going to miss you all so, so much -- it is really impossible to overstate how much GRP & everyone who has come into contact with it has meant to me. Just look at all the work we've done together!  I will be continuing on the Executive Board of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance & won't be able to stay away from my new local rock camp for too long, I promise.

And, of course, please look me up if you're on the West Coast. I'll even have a venue for your band to play!


Beth Warshaw-Duncan

Founder & former Director of GRP