The MadLiberation Vision Statement: Written by GRP’s Youth Action Council

1) Today and everyday we hope to encourage, empower and amplify the magical music of girls, women and gender expansive beings!

2) It is this hope that keeps us constantly creating and evolving, learning and building together powerful futures through our work, our art and song.

3) We are more than students, siblings, children- we carry the full weight of the future, growing away from the harms of our past and present into our whole power.

4) We are rockstars! We are changemakers! We are the rising, singing, evolving embodiment of the future we want to see. 

5) We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors at the intersections of music, gender and social justice. We are inspired by not only the leaders and founders of our organization, but by the future campers we may never know.

6) We will leave behind a creative revolution that will inspire everyone to make lasting change through any and every means of action.  We aspire to leave our roles of leadership to a new generation of youth to elevate our work.

7) The truth we seek resists the oppression ingrained in our systems; it strengthens our knowing that we are powerful, insurmountable beings.  We treasure our selves: they deserve to be explored, celebrated and shared!

8) We have a right to take up space: to be seen, heard, loved and believed as we are!

9) We hold fast to the love we have for our peers, friends, families, strangers and one another, because we know that with benevolence, social conscience and compassion there will always be hope to break down the barriers to change.

10) As a community, we will create our own liberation!