Summer Rock Camp Volunteer Handbook

TEEN: 7/8-7/14 || YOUTH: 7/15-7/21


To the dear humans who make rock camp possible:

Thank you for being here with us in this moment in time. Thank you for so generously offering your day, your week, your presence, your joy, your healing, your grief, your evolution, your memory, your wisdom, your unapologetic sound and your general badassery to this community.

Girls Rock Philly is able to build and sing our way towards liberatory futures because of the generations of shoulders that we stand upon— the leaders, volunteers and campers who paved the way for this moment to be so. We honor their work by continuing to make room for each other’s unshakeable truths and fullest selves. We are committed to creating an impossible world where everyone — regardless of their infinite identities — can breathe, speak, create, dress, play, love, weep, evolve, resist, sing freely, without shame, fear or the threat of violence.

As volunteers at Rock Camp, we ask you to commit to building this world alongside us. We ask you to bring your whole and messy selves. We ask you to live the challenging questions that you ask of your campers. We ask you to remain gentle and compassionate towards yourself as you rub up against your own vulnerabilities and candid humanity.

You are seen here. You are loved here. You are whole here.

We invite you to be brave as we embark collectively on the magical and chaotic whirlwind ahead

a summer of MadLiberation, learning together how we are free.


Volunteer Handbook
Table of Contents

About this Summer’s Theme: Read Youth Action Council’s Vision Statement
Camp Basics: Maps, Schedules and General Tips
Meet the Volunteer Team: Who’s Who?!
Building Camp Culture: How and Why We Do What We Do
An Illustrated Guide to Instruments and Gear

Resources for:
Instrument Instructors
Band Coaches