ARC (Adult Rock Camp) Volunteers!

Photo by: Kristie Krause

Photo by: Kristie Krause


ARC (Adult Rock Camp) is a weekend day camp in Philadelphia, PA, that provides an opportunity for women, trans and gender non-binary/genderqueer adults, 19 and over to learn an instrument and play music together!

When? Fri, May 10th- Sun, May 12th
Where? Mastery Charter - Thomas Campus
927 Johnston St. in South Philly

Sunday Evening Showcase at Boot & Saddle
1131 S Broad St

We need rad, rockin' volunteers like YOU to help make it happen!

Volunteer Application (HERE!) – Deadline Friday, April 12th

Through our application process, we want to learn more about the the people who would volunteer and shape our camp experience! What is your relationship to music? Why do you rock? What identities do you bring with you? What are you looking for as a volunteer?

We believe the power of ARC comes from the way music brings so many different people to the table. GRP is shaped by its participants and volunteers alike!

Interested in facilitating a workshop at camp? 
Check back for our workshop application or email

ARC Volunteer Training- Wednesday, May 1st

We will have a Volunteer Training from 6:30 – 8pm. This Training is strongly encouraged for all ARC Volunteers (new and returning). Our volunteers shape the space that is ARC and it is very important to us that they build and connect with each other in advance of the camp weekend. Meeting will take place at our headquarters at 1428 Germantown Ave.


Accommodations & Food

Meals and snacks will be provided for campers and volunteers. Please list any dietary needs/restrictions on your application. Camp site is ADA accessible and childcare is available upon request on the volunteer application. For any other needs or concerns, please indicate on the volunteer application.

Meals will include:
Friday- Dinner
Saturday- Light breakfast + lunch. Dinner is a group potluck! We ask all participants to bring something to share!
Sunday- Light breakfast + lunch

Have any questions?

Email us at

We’re super stoked to work with you!!



+ Instrument Instructors

Teach 3-5 students on drums, keys, guitar, bass or vocals in lessons throughout the weekend! Priority will be given to instructors who can commit to all 3 lessons. Position open to women, trans and genderqueer folks.

+ Band Coach

Support a new band in their songwriting process at band practice throughout the weekend. Priority will be given to coaches who can commit to all band practices. No musical experience required for band coaches–just helpful to know for pairing coaches! Position open to women, trans and genderqueer folks.

+ Workshop Leader

Do you have skills or knowledge or passion that you're dying to share? Lead a workshop! Workshops serve 10-14 participants; if you have an idea but need help developing it, we can help! Position open to women, trans and genderqueer folks. Contact our program director Sam at

+ Kitchen Crew

Help feed everyone at camp! We will likely have less restaurant donations and try more of a DIY approach this fall. We are open to suggestions and ideas as well as volunteer leadership! Position open to folks of all genders.

+ Roadie

Flex those muscles! Help move and set-up gear during camp and/or support our major load-ins and load-outs. Position open to people of all genders!

+ Childcare

Help make camp as accessible as possible! This team provides childcare to a small number of children, as needed. Position open to people of all genders!

+ Documenter

Help us make some memories--take photos and/or videos of camp in action! Documenters also needed for our Sunday showcase! Position open to people of all genders!

+ Welcome Crew

Welcome Campers and Volunteers with open arms into the magic of camp on Friday evening!