Meet our Board

Girls Rock Philly’s Board of Directors is an active governing body that supports staff leadership. Girls Rock Philly's Board of Directors is comprised of people who are active members of the Philadelphia community and have an interest in growing their support and knowledge of youth leadership through music in accordance with our mission. We welcome musicians, community leaders, local business owners, caretakers of our youth participants, active GRP volunteers, and any other folks who may wish to support and advance our mission. We aim to have our Board of Directors reflect our community, and people of color, trans people, and gender non-conforming people are strongly encouraged to apply. Previous experience serving on a board is not required for membership. If you are interested in learning more about GRP's Board, please email:

Alanna Benamy

Grew up in the suburbs of Philly and has been living in the city for the past 3 years. She was brought to GRP by a friend performing at an LRC showcase. She immediately fell in love with the organization as a long time overnight camper and a lover of music and accessibility. Alanna began her board service in 2018. She has a background in sponsorship and nonprofit development. She hopes to bring her skills, knowledge, and connections in these realms to the GRP board. Alanna will always be listening to Fiona Apple but has been on a big Shannon & The Clams kick recently.

Alexia Chororos

Came to Philly as a college student and has fully embraced her adoptive city. Her involvement in GRP began when her children attended summer camp in 2012. She has been deeply engaged ever since, serving on the Gala Planning Committee, joining the Board in 2015 and currently serving as Chair. She brings experience in nonprofit management, fundraising and grant writing. She hopes to use her skills to help GRP continue to provide a means for young people to find their voice and bring about personal and societal change. Currently Listening to: Neo-Soul and 80s Synth Pop.

Annelise Rolander

Is originally from Seattle, but fell in love with Philadelphia when she moved to the city in 2012. She came to GRP dreaming of funky basslines and meeting bandmates, but she found so much more—including the opportunity to contribute her project management skills to an organization she truly believes in. Annelise hopes to help GRP streamline their processes and organize their physical and digital spaces so that the staff can move seamlessly through their day-to-day tasks and focus on the important work they do for our community. Additionally, she hopes to draw resources to the organization by doing her very favorite thing: connecting people! Annelise is a Spotify junkie and loves nothing more than finding new artists to listen to. Currently, she’s enjoying the discography of Shawan Rice, an R&B and soul-inspired singer-songwriter she originally heard playing music on a New Orleans street corner on a rainy April night. Such are the moments that Annelise lives for.

Ashley Kole

(she/they) has been living and working in Philadelphia since 2012. From her own participation in LRC as a camper, to her involvement as a volunteer, Ashley finds joy in surrounding herself with the GRP community. As a member of the board, she is excited to have more chances to connect to the organization and to support the mission so that it is available for others. Ashleybrings with her years of professional experience in writing, editing, and researching, plus her interest in nutrition, yoga, and dance. She is proud to share her experience with invisible illness, looking forward to GRP as a place to connect into a larger conversation about disabilities and accessibility within the intersections of queer radical politics. She likes to eat plants, go for walks or bike rides, play ukulele, learn about words, and drink lots of kombucha. She is currently listening to Waxahatchee and Depeche Mode.

Bethany Watzman

(she/her/hers) grew up in Georgia and moved to Philadelphia in 2007. She first came to GRP as an LRC camper in May 2014 after attending a few of the summer camp showcases and finding an inspiring, energizing atmosphere. Bethany is excited to be a volunteer and board member because GRP connects her passions for music and social justice while providing tools for girls, women, trans, and non-binary people to develop confidence and build power. She brings her love of organization, spreadsheets, and data analysis to GRP and is looking forward to continuing to strengthen the board through strategic planning and governance. Currently listening: Hole, Sleep, and Beyoncé.

Camae Ayewa

(aka Moor Mother) is from Maryland. At GRP, she brings a love for youth, music, as well as experience with booking shows. She hopes she can speak and perform at most girls rock camps around the country, spreading the good news of Girls Rock Philly.

Cindy Kwan

Is from Long Island New York and came to Philly as a student and has been living here for 23 years. Cindy is excited to join the GRP board. Her GRP involvement started LRC Fall 2015. Having had an amazing experience and embracing the mission of GRP, she has been volunteering ever since and likes to spread the word of the important work that GRP does. Her daughter has been involved in GRP from attending summer camp, to workshops, and other events as well as serving as a junior Volunteer. Cindy brings to the board Technology and Management skills as well as a perspective of working with youth and a deep understanding of urban issues. She hopes to continue and grow the profound effects of GRP’s mission building confidence and leadership for social justice and better communities. Currently listening to: Janelle Monae, Indie Electronic, Alternative and Indie Rock

Daizha Jimenez

Was born in Miami, raised in Atlanta and has been in Philadelphia since she was 14. As a motivated junior in high school in 2013, she got her start by interning during summer programs and eventually participating during youth camps. She decided it was more important to explore her knowledge and interests in music, social justice and community building before jumping into the real world. Along the way, she found an amazing community of folks who live to support individuals like herself who are often unsure of themselves and carry brains that need molding. Since then, she has made GRP her first official job as a Summer programs assistant, volunteered as camp counselor/band manager for numerous summer camps and joined the board in 2017. She still carries what GRP has taught her and as a young college professional, there’s so much that she continues to learn from supporting GRP. As a former youth member, she understands the importance of continuing to offer welcoming space, unique development opportunities and mentorship for the youth community. She considers new motives and strategies to ensure that we keep the interest and love from the ever evolving minds of our generation because she is a part of that generation herself. She also studies Communications and Spanish at Temple University, where she carries a developing knowledge of media production, marketing and public relations and interpersonal and intercultural communication. Through the board, she hopes to bring an “out of the box” mentality and keep a balance between comfort in change and valuing tradition at GRP. She also hopes her work can set an example of what an “after GRP camp” can look like in the future. According to her Spotify account, her recently played artists include Christine and the Queens, Cardi B, Ill Fated Natives, The Beatles and Janelle Monae. J-rock and Björk are usually her go-tos.

Dawn Overby

Is originally from Upstate New York. As someone who played viola through college, music taught her so much, and at GRP, she loves the opportunity to offer that gift to others. In 2013, she first came to GRP as a board fellow through Wharton’s Non-Profit Leadership Board program. On the board, she brings a background in business, marketing and finance as well as skills in interpersonal communication. Dawn loves being connected to the Philadelphia community through GRP. Currently listening to: Julieta Venega and alternative Argentinian rock.

Ellen Steele

was born in Chicago, grew up in Canada, England and all over the US, and moved to Philadelphia 8 years ago. She was introduced to GRP through the Arts and Business Council's Business on Board program, and she decided to join the board because she loves their focus on making space for girls, trans and gender non-conforming people to learn and grow through music. She has a background in development, event planning and fundraising, and she hopes to bring these skills to support GRP's fundraising work. Currently Listening to: Katie Herzig, Florence + the Machine and any other female singer-songwriter - plus all the Hamildrops.

Lex Walker

is originally from Washington DC, but has been in Philly for 20 years! After quitting her corporate job, a friend suggested attending an LRC weekend...and the rest is history. After learning how to DJ with LRC, Lex began gigging all over Philly! She also started volunteering her " Learn How to DJ in 20mins" workshop during Summer Camp and LRC weekends. As a board member, Lex hopes to continue supporting this community with love, laughter, time and validation. Lex says, "I wouldn't be who I am today, without my GRP family, straight up." Lex is currently listening to Tracy Chapman and Curtis Harding.

River Nice

is from Central Jersey originally, and moved to Philly in 2015. They were invited to the winter 2016 LRC showcase, and were blown away by the brave space created by GRP. Since then they have volunteered in various support roles at camp. They also participated in Fall 2017 LRC as a camper, and co-created the band Queerz 4 Queerz! River joined the board of directors in November 2017. They bring their professional experience as a project manager and financial advisor, as well as their personal experience as a queer, trans, polyamorous person and former camper. They're currently listening to Diet Cig, Hayley Kiyoko, and Janelle Monae on rotation.


♥ Committees ♥

Organizational bodies that support Girls Rock Philly staff and leadership

Executive Committee

  1. Comprised of the officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary)
  2. Oversees direction and vision of Board of Directors.

Development Committee

  1. Visions and supports fundraising campaigns
  2. Develops targets for annual fundraiser

Strategic Plan Working Group

  1. Develops GRP's strategic plan
  2. Oversees plan implementation and adjusts when and if needed

Governance Committee

  1. Helps develop positive board culture
  2. Works to ensure a diverse skill set on the board
  3. Documents current process for board's tasks

Finance Committee

  1. Acts as advisor to staff on financial decisions reviews year end projection and annual budget process

Human Resources

  1. Supports GRP staff through goal-setting, peer evaluations and providing resource for professional development.
  2. develops materials delineating new roles and responsibilities

To Learn more about committees, EMAIL: