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Our organization is made richer by the brilliant art that our community members are making.
We are honored to be in working in dialogue with prominent culture makers of Philadelphia.
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black quantum futurism

Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips are interdisciplinary social practice artists who describe themselves as “afrofuturistic cultural producers.” Through self-published writing, music, film, visual art, and creative research, Ayewa and Phillips explore the intersections of black culture, science fiction, futurism, and social practice. “We consider how afrofuturism can be used by disenfranchised communities to create safer spaces for visioning and testing of ideas around community sustainability, resilience, and resistance, and as a technology for practical implementation of those ideas,” the artists say. Working under the name Black Quantum Futurism Collective, their multidisciplinary collaboration presents community-based events, experimental music projects, short films, and zines.



Interminable is a Philadelphia-based diasporic space fusion project, born out of a chance encounter on the train.  A week later, the band was playing its first show.  These days, Interminable explores the modern diasporic experience, with covers and originals both in English and Spanish.  Through their music, Interminable gives voice to socio-political themes often ignored, like displacement, migration, and identity.  Interminable searches for common threads of improvisation throughout son jarocho (from Veracruz, México), jazz, rock, classical, and electronic music. 

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AShley lehmann 

Ashley Lehmann is a classically trained vocalist, songwriter, and audio engineer with over fifteen years of experience in music as an engineer and performer. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Sound Engineering Arts with a concentration in Classical Voice from William Paterson University. Upon completing her degree, Ashley began working as a production engineer for Westwood One Radio in New York City where she mixed MTV, CMT and VH1 News Briefs and other short form content for radio.

While in New York, she sang with the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus, served as Executive Director of the group for a year and began developing her songwriting and pop performance technique at open mic nights and by participating in the Leave a Lasting Mark Concert Series. She bought a ukulele in 2010 and wrote her first song with ukulele accompaniment within a few weeks. Since then she’s written numerous songs and started her band The All Night Drivers to bring new life to her songs. She has continued her musical growth as a performer and songwriter in collaborating with the band and performing in choirs in New York and New Jersey.

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little strike

Little Strike is the alias of Israeli instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and aspiring linguist wannabe Tamar Dart, based currently in Philadelphia. Self-described as collage music, the project combines folk and electronic sounds inspired by West African, Middle Eastern, Tuareg, and Congolese Soukous music, as well as modern Hip Hop beats -- a byproduct of Dart's personal history and love. A child of historically nomadic families, Dart grew up in a multi-cultural home with both Arab and European parents, which imprinted in her a deep desire for cultural exploration and appreciation. Musically, she drapes playful guitars and keyboards atop a bed of grimy beats and field recordings, alongside vocals that encourage the listener to go on a nostalgic walkabout around the world, with lyrics in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French & Wolof. She is currently playing shows and recording music for an upcoming EP. Also, she is disillusioned by oppressive regimes, border politics, rampant consumerism, and unyielding dogma. Also also she loves GRP.



Julia writes indie-folk songs to share her experience with love, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, recovery, and awakening. She has a strong belief in honesty, compassion, and the wisdom of experience. Inspired by those who have come before her—Hank Williams, Odetta, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Nico, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Tom Verlaine, and Jenny Lewis—she seeks to make music that empathizes.

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Carly mckown

Julep Maisey is a DIY “quietgrrl” project based in Brooklyn NY by way of philly

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LILY MCKOWN (recorded @ grp's recording intensive) 



Murayama is a project that explores mixedness and aims decolonize and examine the complexities of power and strength as they are handed between generations and across cultures. The project blends electronic and classical music instruments.



Noelle Egan has been printmaking since 2012 under the guidance and support of Fleisher Art Memorial.  She is a part of the Toosdees Screenprinting Collective in Philadelphia.

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I'm an amateur photographer but have really come to enjoy it through recent projects. I'd love to start getting into live music and event photography.



terradazzle (2014 summer rock camp grp band) 

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