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Weathervane Studio Concert: Ellen Siberian Tiger // Julia Rainer

Weathervane Studio Concert - Ellen Siberian Tiger // Julia Rainer

Julia Rainer has been making original music in Philadelphia since 2004. As a kid, her dad took her to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers—and her education progressed from there. Influenced by artists like Hank Williams (the original), Neil Young, Sam Cooke, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Nico, Television, Cat Power, and Aimee Mann, Rainer writes folk songs—that sometimes creep into other genres—about love, loss, depression, addiction, salvation, and the common difficulties of humanity. Her vocals, which have been described as powerful, sultry, smoky, and aching, along with her bare-bones melodic guitar playing are an honest depiction of her personal experience, that any feeling person can surely relate to.


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