Why do we create caucuses? 

We recognize that Girls Rock Philly is a beautiful and complex ecosystem of identities and experiences. We strive to cultivate caucuses at GRP as gathering spaces where folks of historically marginalized identities can have the opportunity to build community. 

What are some things caucuses may do in meetings? 

  • hold a potluck

  • wrestle with difficult questions

  • debrief and troubleshoot conflicts that arise 

  • share lived experiences

  • study readings and watch films to learn histories

  • attend city-wide events in solidarity

  • make requests for GRP hold the organization accountable to better support and reflect the collective experiences of our participants at camp and beyond. 

people of color caucus


1) The impact of race on interpersonal relationships in GRP spaces

2) Our musical identities & relationship to music as people of color

3) Continuing efforts to intentionally & respectfully diversify GRP (no tokenizing!)

4) Working with white allies & designating point people to act as allies in educating each other/white GRPers in anti-racist thought & practice to combat white supremacy within in our organization.

trans/gender non-conforming caucus

The Trans and GNC caucus is comprised of any and all people who identify along the transgender and gender non-conforming galaxy, and as such includes those whose identities are in flux throughout the evolution of the caucus.

Our initial questions:

  • How do we reassess the terms girl, femme, woman, lady, and all such terms for members who are within this caucus, and all other trans/GNC & NB rock stars in GRP?
  • What can we do to affirm trans women, trans girls, trans femmes, Trans Non-binary, trans boys, trans men, trans masc, and GNC peoples within this space?
  • How can we do this while recognizing the crossroads of gendered socialization and the dynamically different journeys Trans & GNC youth and adults are on, both in regards to social advantages/disadvantages, and various forms of ability/access?

Our initial goals: The Trans GNC caucus would like to host cross-caucus dinners/brunches, workshops for trans/GNC peoples to gather and share their stories over food, as well as songwriting sessions for trans/GNC peoples to engage with their own and each other’s ongoing narratives. We want to respect the value of womanhood, girlhood, and at the same time explode those concepts in hopes of offering a more inclusive definition of gender and its relationship to community, organizing, and of course, music.

The Trans GNC caucus would also like to be committed to supporting trans and GNC youth to participate in future camps who might not have access or knowledge of camp currently.

poor & working class caucus

The poor and working class caucus is brand new! This caucus aspires to be a safer space where folx sharing these identities can come together in support, celebration, and solidarity of and with each other. We hope to be a place to organize, share resources/information, and make friends :) We also hope to help guide and ground ground GRPs continued work in keeping programs, camps, and volunteer life accessible for folks with low/no incomes.

This caucus recognizes and invites the huge spectrum of folx that may identify as poor or working class! Come one, come all! We do however ask folks who don't currently identify as poor, working poor, or working class to support us by standing back and making room for this caucus to exist as a safer space (by and for folks currently sharing this identity).

accessibility caucus

This caucus group seeks to be a unified voice advocating for those living with physical and mental disabilities, visible and invisible. We aim to form an intersectional multi-generational assembly of individuals representing a multitude of experiences with disability, and will work to bring a mindset of accessibility to Girls Rock Philly camps, gatherings, and community and fight the culture of ableism.

The Accessibility Caucus is interested in sponsoring inclusive volunteer gatherings, considering issues such as building access, non-alcoholic beverage options, creating an alternative quiet space in cases where one could experience over-stimulation, and designating ways for volunteers to help the staff and campers outside of lifting and managing heavy objects.

Some of the questions we want to bring into collective thought are:

  • Are we considering and dismantling obstacles for those experiencing physical and mental disability when planning camps, workshops, events, and gatherings?
  • Are we clearly communicating what those obstacles might be to our community, with adequate time to create solutions?
  • As community members, are we moving through spaces with the needs of others in mind (pushing in chairs, holding doors, not blocking passageways)?

Initial work will include:

  • critical review and discussion of this group description (including language and expression of inclusivity)
  • creating group agreements for the caucus group, and to bring to GRP community.

Whether you have experience with visible or invisible physical disability, cognitive disabilities, mental disorders, chronic pain, speech impairment, anxiety, depression, addiction--if you're wondering if you belong, you are welcome to join!

How can I get involved with a caucus? 

Check our GRP Events page for caucus meetings. Email to be connected to the caucus facilitator.