Stay tuned for the next Band Manager opportunities this coming Spring 2017! 

Fall LRC Band Manager MC’ing the Sunday Showcase at PhilaMOCA!

LRC Teen Band Manager Internship!

Girls Rock Philly is excited to offer an LRC Teen Band Manager Internship, an extended leadership opportunity for youth to support our adult rock camp program! This program will provide opportunities to deepen communication skills and develop important leadership skills in a unique multigenerational learning environment. Not to mention build participants’ relationships to the GRP!

Who may apply?

This is a leadership opportunity for 4 teens who have previously participated in our programming. We will prioritize applications from teens between 15 and 18 years old, but welcome all teen campers to apply!

Time Requirements & Schedule:

Band Manager must be available the weekend of LRC. This programs requires a commitment of 20 total hours of participation: 18 hours during camp as well as a 1-hour meeting before camp and another 1 hour meeting after camp. A An example schedule for the weekend can look like the following:

         Wed Nov 23 @ 6:30: Pre-Camp Meeting at GRP HQ (1428 Germantown Ave)
         Fri Dec 2: LRC,  4pm-9pm
         Sat Dec 3: LRC, 1pm-7pm
         Sun Dec 4: LRC, 9:30pm-3:30pm
                              LRC Showcase, 7:00-9:00pm
Wed Dec 14 @ 6:30: Pre-Camp Meeting at GRP HQ (1428 Germantown Ave)

LRC will be held at Mastery Charter- Thomas Campus (927 Johnston St). Tokens and transportation are available for participants who need them.


Interns will be paid $200 at the completion of the internship.

More about the Band Manager Internship!

Throughout the LRC weekend, the Band Manager Interns will have the opportunity to deepen their leadership and communication skills with activities ranging from media and design work to public speaking and facilitation!

Individually, each participant will:

  • be the band manager for up to 2 adult bands
  • play supportive role in developing band name and taking band photos during band practice

Collectively, band managers will also:

  • Co-facilitate welcoming and closing assembly
  • Conduct interviews with bands and volunteers
  • Shape the showcases’ lineup + online promotions!
  • MC the Sunday showcase!

Stay Tuned for more info for our Spring 2017 Program!

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