Looping Intensive [New]

This year, we’re thrilled to offer our first ever GRP looping and sampling workshop series.

WHO: GRP youth participants (ages 13-19), with a vested interest in learning the basics of looping and sampling techniques, or practicing and refining their skills in a group setting.

WHAT:An immersive 6-week course with GRP peers and participants! Explore the possibilities of sampling and live looping to create layered, songs and pieces as a performing artist. We’ll listen and study, practice, collaborate and compose using various looping tools, culminating with performances at our fall semester showcase! During the course, we’ll dedicate time to skill-building in the following arenas:

  • Listening and appreciation
  • Pedals and samplers- tech 101
  • Looping & Sampling beginner techniques
  • Stacking, timing & sequencing loops
  • Songwriting

WHERE: While some sessions may be held at our Headquarters or offsite, most sessions will be held in our new satellite space, at Jerry’s on Front (2341 N Front St)
WHEN: TBD; Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, October 16 -November 28.

2017 Fall Application Process:

  1. Fill out this form as soon as possible- applications close on Thursday, October 12.
  2. We’ll host an mini-workshop & info meeting October, 5, so feel free to attend and bring any questions you may have!
  3. Keep an eye out for information and details from us as we approach the date!

Questions? email info@girlsrockphilly.org, or samantha@girlsrockphilly.org