Gear Loan Program

This program allows participants of GRP programs to rent music equipment!

What’s available?
Drum kits, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, amps, instrument cables (if renting an amp) and keyboards. At this point, rock camp cannot rent out microphones, turntables or PAs. Gear will be rented on a first come, first served basis.

How much?
Deposit: $20 (non-negotiable, but returnable if equipment is returned in good condition)
Fee: Sliding scale $10-$100 per month

How long is rental period?
Gear is picked up at an agreed upon time and must be returned by end of June 2018 as we prepare for summer rock camp.  Contact GRP to schedule pick-up and drop-off times.

How do we get the gear?
Rental gear must be picked up from the GRP office, 1428 Germantown Avenue in Olde Kensington.  A caregiver must be present at time of pickup.

Can I choose exactly what gear I get?
Renters may request a specific instrument (i.e. the sparkly guitar) at the time of pick up, but GRP cannot guarantee specific instruments for rental.

What happens if something gets broken or lost?
The renter is responsible for returning gear in good, working condition. GRP is not going to sweat a bump or a nick, a.k.a. normal wear and tear, but renters who return gear that is damaged or decorated will forfeit their deposits. Renters are also responsible for the loss of gear. In case of loss, the renter will be responsible for paying the value of the instrument, to be noted at the time of pickup.

Who can rent?
Anyone who has participated in a GRP program is able to rent gear. If the renter is under 18, their caregiver must sign the rental contract.

Next steps
Fill out Gear Loan Program Form and return to info(at) We’ll follow up with next steps.