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“This program has been life changing for me. It really makes me happy that there are other people who care about music as much as I do. It’s something fun that can look forward to.”
–Youth Summer Camper 2015

I felt nervous but afterwards I felt like I was standing on mountains.
–Teen Summer Camper 2015

This is the safest space I’ve ever been in and it felt like that pretty quickly.
–Teen Summer Camper 2015

“If I had the words to describe the ways in which this LRC has helped (in 2.5 days) to unlock such critical areas of myself, including my creativity, self-confidence, and overall intersectional feministic pride, I’d be writing for days on end. In that same amount of time, I learned how to play the drums, joined a band, and performed on stage for a crowd of folks whose energy, empathy, and audience support was enough to fill my heart to my dying day. I cannot say enough about the experience and hope that all my friends and loved ones will follow my lead and get involved.”
–Fall LRC Camper 2016

“I was able to shed a lot of the self doubt and self consciousness that was hindering my growth as a person and a musician. I’ve already been playing and writing more, and that confidence is working its way into all corners of my life. I owe a lot of this growth to my weekend with LRC, the community there, my bandmates, and the instructors and workshop leaders. “
–Fall LRC Camper 2016