Did you know we were featured in a book? Here’s the Girls Rock Philly excerpt from Laura Wall Starke’s Being The Change, out in 2008.

A round-up of press from the Historical Marker Dedication for Sister Rosetta Tharpe on October 24, 2011, sponsored by Girls Rock Philly:  The Daily News, Newsworks, Phawker, and a lovely column in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jump Philly featured GRP in the Fall 2011 issue of their magazine.

A round-up of press from 2011′s camp week: Philadelphia Weekly, The Inquirer, Flying Kite, and The Key.

The Guardian (UK) has a great quote from our director in this article about the resurgence of Riot Grrl from 1/20/11.

We were the cover story of December 2010′s Origivation Magazine.  Camper Erica is quoted:  “Besides becoming a better musician myself, I think I’m more into supporting other female musicians than I was before and supporting any female-fronted organizations, really,” she says. “I also feel more open and willing to try new things.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer (7/16/09) on Jessica Hopper’s book, The Girl’s Guide To Rocking, and GRP.  A nice, long, complimentary article.

The Music & Mentorship/Girls Rock Philly Benefit Show & Gear Drive on 5/23/09 got some nice writeups, like this one at Uwishunu.

Rowan Radio dedicated an entire 30-minute Women’s Room program to Girls Rock Philly.


from GRP’s Beth & Megan talking about camp on G-Town Radio (3/15/09)!

The Lansdale Reporter (June 6, 2008) covering our fundraiser & about camp, with audio

Uwishunu (August 13, 2007)
A nice writeup of what goes on during camp week: You Go Girls!

The Philadelphia Inquirer (August 12, 2007)
Front-Page News! Girl Power – Amplified

Video on (August 8, 2007)

Philadelphia Daily News (Dec. 1, 2006)
Read the Q&A with Beth Warshaw: Girls Rock Philly, a music camp, percolating for next summer

Philadelphia Inquirer (Dec. 1, 2006) features Shake & Shiver in the Do This! column.
South Philly Review (Nov. 30, 2006)
Read our feature article, Rockin’ out - “Music has always been a way to help children develop their creativity. By combining history, science and math into a single entity, the fundamentals of song require cooperative dedication as well as subjective design. This is the concept behind a new nonprofit initiative, Girls Rock Philly…”

Philadelphia City Paper (Nov. 30, 2006) makes Shake & Shiver a Music Pick.
“We’ve got the Baird Sisters and the XX chromosomes from Golden Ball, but where will Philly’s next generation of girls who rock come from? Probably from Girls Rock Philly, a nonprofit organization putting together Rock Camp for Girls, a weeklong, female-instructed music program for ladies aged 10 to 18. Set to debut next summer, the high-decibel course will cover playing instruments, writing songs, creating a band and perfecting that crucial rock-star jump kick, all in preparation for a performance at the end of the week…”

Philadelphia Weekly (Nov. 29, 2006) makes Shake & Shiver an A-List pick.
“Single mom and veteran rock roadie Misty McElroy was fed up with the testosterone-saturated world of rock, so she started the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls in her native Portland, Ore. Six years later the rock camp—which teaches girls 10 to 18 the fundamentals of rocking out and navigating the music industry—has morphed into a full-blown franchise, with camps operating in Chicago, New York and now Philadelphia.” (Nov. 27, 2006) makes Shake & Shiver a Weekly Pick.
Lend a hand to aspiring Courtney Love’s everywhere at Girls Rock Philly’s Shake & Shiver at South Philly’s The Parlour, December 2, 8pm. Bundle up for winter-themed dance party featuring DJ mixes by the Girls DJ Collective, experimental film and video screenings from Small Change Collective, raffles, refreshments and a holiday photo booth. The donations-only cover benefits Girls Rock Philly, a non-profit working to establish Philly’s only rock camp for girls.

Philadelphia Magazine (November 2006)
Phat Camp: Where girls get rhythm
While it may be a bad time to get into the business of selling pop music, it’s a helluva time for those who want to make it — especially if they lack a Y chromosome. For that, we can thank Beth Warshaw. After working as a counselor at an all-girls rock-band camp in NYC two summers ago, Warshaw, 26, a WXPN producer, felt Philly chicks should jam out, too. So she started Girls Rock Philly, set to debut next summer. Though the venue is TBD, the concept is set: For one week in early August, Philly girls ages 10 to 18, from all walks of life — “We are looking for diversity” says Warshaw — will form small bands, write songs, take classes like History of Women in Music, and receive instrumental, voice and DJ lessons. At the end of the week, the girls will put on a concert to show their stuff. The experience will cost $400; financial aid will be available. Local female musicians will teach, and the girls will rock what they love, from Courtney Love angst to Britney Spears-esque ballads. Similar co-ed camps exist — Paul Green’s School of Rock and Gwynedd Valley’s DayJams come to mind — but Warshaw believes strongly in the all-girrrrl connection. “It encourages girls to create their own work in a non-competitive environment. We are careful to remind the girls how talented and creative they are, and stay away from words like ‘cute’ and ‘adorable.’” (Ashley Primis)


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